Why are you buying a pair of shoes at Target?

Target is offering a $1,000 discount on pairs of Nike’s Air Max 1, 2 and 3 shoes.The company said that it is offering the deal “as a means of offering our valued customers the opportunity to get a great deal on the shoes we sell.”The deal is valid through November 1, 2017.The shoes are available at Target stores in the […]

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How to get the best price on Xiaomi Mi 3 in India, UK

Xiaomi Mi3 will be available in the UK on August 21, but in India you can buy it from a local retailer for Rs. 2,999 (around $29) for the 64GB model.It’s cheaper in India because you get a 16GB variant for Rs 2,959 (around 15% cheaper) as opposed to the 64 GB version that comes with the 32GB model and […]

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