A $20,000 matchmaker and a $100,000 matching tattoo match

A $10,000 gift card to the Matching Sister Tattoo Club is one of the perks of being a matchmaker for Target.But the Matchmaking Sister Tattoos Club doesn’t offer any of those perks.Instead, the membership gives you the opportunity to join an exclusive club that offers perks that aren’t available to the rest of the Target Matchmaking membership.Here’s how it works:Target’s […]

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“Why is my credit score so high?” – Why my credit rating is so high?

Now Playing: What is the worst credit score in America?Now Playing (Video): What is one of the worst cards you could buy?Now Play: The best credit cards for millennials Now Playing “What are the best credit score bonuses?Now Watch: What are the worst Credit Card Payday Loans?Now Listen: What to do when you lose a job, lose your home, lose […]

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