China says it will stop allowing users to upload videos with more than one match

Bloomberg title Beijing: China will stop restricting uploaders to only one match source Bloomberg article China is banning uploaders from uploading more than five videos to YouTube, the country’s main video-sharing service, and will not allow users to share more than two videos to their accounts.The move comes after the U.S. blocked YouTube in August over allegations it had allowed […]

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Which video game characters match the commercial 2020 theme?

The ad for the 2020 theme from The Big Bang Theory, a show that centers around a single woman named Sheldon, features the character Sheldon Cooper.According to The Hollywood Reporter, the commercial’s main sponsor is Nike.The commercial was released in January.I’m glad we got a little help from Nike.If it wasn’t for them, this commercial would be just a dream.It’s […]

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Irish woman, 45, who fell from cliff into lake faces jail for 12 months over missing friend’s death

A woman has been jailed for 12 years after pleading guilty to causing the death of her friend who fell to his death from a cliff.Victim: Mary Lou Nelms-Boyle.In the case of her boyfriend, 45-year-old Mary Lou, who had gone missing in October last year, Ms Nelmes-Boyne fell to her death in February 2017.The court heard that on February 16, […]

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