Why is Tinder’s ‘matcha’ benefits not being offered on Tinder?

Tinder is currently offering a $15,000 matcha benefit to members, but it’s not being used by a lot of people.The benefit has only been offered to Tinder members for the last six months, and since then, it’s only been in the last two weeks of the month when it has been available to anyone.The new benefits have been a big […]

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What if LeBron James had played in the NBA Finals?

The NBA Finals are fast approaching, and we’ve already seen LeBron James return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, a franchise he helped to take to the Finals four years ago.So why not take a look at the most popular basketball players in the world right now?Well, we have an answer: LeBron James.The 2016 NBA Finals MVP won the NBA championship and […]

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How to change the color of your HTC One M8 and HTC One X cases, with HTC One Cases

HTC has launched its own range of smartphone cases, and we’re happy to reveal how to customize them to match your HTC smartphone.In a short video, we show you how to add HTC One cases and HTC Sense 7 to your HTC phone and the HTC One.You can find the full guide in the video above.While the HTC Ones case […]

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