How to find the best match for a video game: How to use the latest technology

On this episode of the GameSpot Podcast, we’re joined by Chris Pramas, the CEO of Twitch, to talk about how Twitch handles matchmaking and what it means for gaming on Twitch.The podcast is sponsored by: – Twitch – A $50 Amazon Gift Card to Twitch for a year (must be redeemed by May 23rd) – A free month of Amazon […]

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When will we know whether the ICC has a plan to replace the Zodiac Sign Matching PPM?

Matching is a great way of measuring the health of the game.But while it’s a simple system, it can have some serious flaws.When it comes to the Zones, we have a better idea of the match results that can be expected. One of the most recent PPMs is from the ICC World Twenty20 in which the scorecards were updated.The result was […]

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Matcha tea sets the bar for modern tea-making

In the early 1900s, the Japanese tea growers developed a tea that produced a more complex and flavorful cup of tea than modern steeping techniques allow.Matcha Tea Set (MTS) is a teapot that can be used to brew tea.This teaput has a tea pot that is attached to a steam kettle that heats the tea in a steamer.The steam produced […]

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