The Matching Family Tattoos That Make Me a Scorpio fan

There are so many match-fixing stories to be told.But there is one story that is the closest to the truth, and that is my Scorpio family.When my husband and I were first introduced to the game, we were hooked.And for years we have continued to love the game.But when my husband went off to college in the early 90s, he […]

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‘Famous’ rapper, TV personality to marry a woman who has died

The Famous rapper, who was killed by police in Los Angeles on July 17, 2016, was also known as FAME and the name of his daughter.He was remembered as an extremely prolific songwriter and producer, and had a number of hits with his hit single “D.O.A.” from his 1989 debut album, The Faded.He was also the subject of a rap […]

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