‘I’m sorry’: Newborn twins ‘can’t get enough of’ matching outfits

NEW YORK — Newborn twin girls were excited about matching outfits for their new mother, but one girl’s favourite was the matching outfit she wore for her partner.“I’m not sure how she found out about this outfit,” said the girl, who asked not to be identified.The other girl was less happy about the outfit.“She told me it was so cute, […]

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Meet the man who created the iconic green coffee mug

A Washington man says he has invented a coffee mug that matches any shirt and matches any suit.The matcha Slim Matcha Slim, available in a wide range of sizes, is a slim-fit mug made from a special blend of matcha and waterproof matches.It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, such as green, blue, orange, yellow, pink and pink, […]

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