How to add a custom color matching app to your Reddit profile

article We all know the old adage “if you can’t beat them, join them”.That’s true for Reddit, which has a vibrant community where any topic or comment can be shared.If you want to make your own, you can start by selecting your subreddit’s “general” section and creating a new subreddit.Then, create an account.To add your subreddit, scroll to the bottom […]

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Why are we still watching this game?

What is the difference between a bonus match and a match?This is where you’ll find some of the most confusing matchmaking decisions and it’s all due to your own choices.If you’re playing a match that involves two teams, you can make it a bonus if you win the first teamfight and you’re both tied at 20.If you lose, you lose […]

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How to find the perfect dog pjamas, matcha bar and matcha

Matcha bar is a delicious mix of the three drinks, with a sweet and sour taste to it, but you don’t need to get that bitter taste to enjoy it.You can easily substitute the drink for a glass of iced tea.You’ll also find that the drinks are fairly inexpensive and are available at a wide variety of supermarkets and restaurants. Mashable’s […]

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How to find the perfect match in a search

A perfect match may seem like a strange term, but it’s actually quite simple.You’re looking for a phrase that’s easy to type and easily understood, and it’s a phrase with which you’re already familiar.Here’s how to find it.A perfect search phrase If you’ve ever searched on a web site for “firefly” and gotten a page like this, it’s because your […]

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