How to Get a Virgo Best Match

It’s a bit early to make a big deal out of Virgo’s new best match feature, but the fact that it’s there is a nice reminder that it does exist.The app’s new beta is available to the public right now, and its primary purpose is to help you find the best match for you.You can narrow down your criteria by […]

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‘Dating app,match dating app’: A woman’s advice on what to expect when dating online

A woman whose dating app is named “match dating” has become a trending topic on Twitter after a user shared her story about the app.According to the post, a man called “Roxanne” asked her to meet him on a date in New York City.When she arrived at the meeting place, she found out that the location where she wanted to […]

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‘Matcha Brownies’: Meet the Matcha Girls from ‘The Match’ series

We got an exclusive first look at some of the female characters in “The Match,” the anime series premiering on Netflix on July 26.The girls are pretty much the same, except they have different hairstyles.In episode 5, a group of girls are introduced, and while they’re all beautiful, one of them, a girl named Lucy, looks more like a typical […]

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