India’s Kundali ice cream maker wins India’s ‘Matcha Ice Cream Challenge’ competition

Matcha Ice cream maker Kundalis ice cream company has won India’s first-ever Matcha ice creams competition, beating out local rival Loreal in the grand final, according to the company.The match between Loreal and Kundalis ice cream was the final match to be held in the competition, organised by the India Ice Cream Industry Council (IIEC).The event was the culmination of […]

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Supreme Court rules for gay couples in marriage cases

Supreme Court justices struck down the Defense of Marriage Act on Friday, ruling that states can’t ban same-sex couples from marrying under its ban on same-gender couples adopting children.In a 5-4 ruling, the justices ruled that the states have no constitutional authority to ban same sex couples from adopting children, which they say violates the federal Defense of Choice Act.The […]

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How to build a podcast from scratch

When you are working with a new technology, the biggest challenge you will face is the way the code is structured.This is where a podcast can come into play.This section explains how to structure your podcast using JavaScript.You will use the example below to learn how to build your podcast from the ground up.You can start by creating a new […]

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