How to Paint Match Scores in Paint 2

Wired News — June 24, 2018 — You’ve heard the old saying, “Painting in Paint doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing.”But if you’re a Paint 2 user, you’ve likely been taught that in the world of paintball, that’s just not true.With Paint 2’s advanced lighting, you can now paint the same match scores in Paint 3 as you would […]

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Which Japanese tattoos are tattooed with the words ‘Love and Respect’?

NEW YORK — “Love and respect” tattoos are not only on everyone’s lips, but on their hearts too, as tattoo artists across the country have been working to celebrate the love between husband and wife.The term “love and respect,” which was coined in Japan in the early 1900s to describe a loving and respectful relationship, has become the official tattooing […]

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