How to Get the Most Out of Least Online Shopping with the Latest Google Trends

Google Trends has finally gotten its first real look at the most popular searches on the search giant.According to the site’s latest data, “football matches today” has been the most searched term for the past five days, topping the likes of “leo” and “football” with over two million queries, with “soccer” second with 1.7 million queries.Google Trends is a great […]

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How to play Splatoon 2: Match Gamecast with the MatchCast app

Splatoon is an action-adventure game set in a cartoonish cartoon world.It has a story that’s pretty much like a real life story, and it’s a fantastic game.In Splatoon, the players control two different characters: Inklings and Inklings who are both in search of the legendary Splatoon Ball.The player who has the ball wins the match and earns a new weapon.The […]

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