The best NFL matchmaking suggestions

In recent years, NFL fans have been clamoring for NFL teams to offer NFL matchmakers the opportunity to match fans with their favorite players.The NFL Players Association recently announced it would expand its partnership with, a service that has already offered fans a glimpse at what can be matched up with a specific player.NFLMatch, which was launched in January […]

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How to find a match to match your profile picture

Matching your profile photo is as simple as finding the best match to your profile image.With thousands of profiles across Australia, the selection is almost endless.But if you want to find the best matches to your photo, it can be tough.The following is a guide to finding the perfect match for your profile pic.What to look for First things first, […]

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How to change the color of your HTC One M8 and HTC One X cases, with HTC One Cases

HTC has launched its own range of smartphone cases, and we’re happy to reveal how to customize them to match your HTC smartphone.In a short video, we show you how to add HTC One cases and HTC Sense 7 to your HTC phone and the HTC One.You can find the full guide in the video above.While the HTC Ones case […]

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