The Indian cricket team has announced it will match girls matching clothing with their outfits to raise awareness about girls’ health and development.

The women’s cricket team’s match against Pakistan in Ahmedabad, in which the girls will wear matching outfits that will be worn during the match, was the longest-running match between India and Pakistan in the history of the series.

India is ranked number eight in the world.

The match was organised on the eve of World Health Day and the teams are expected to wear matching clothes during the event.

The Indian team has also announced the teams will wear a special kit during the competition.

The kit will be made of cotton, polyester and linen.

The team is also expected to take part in a walk-through exercise in which each of the teams, wearing matching clothes, will perform the walk-around on the field before the match.

India’s women will wear blue shorts and white socks during the game.

It will be their first match against the Pakistan women’s team.

The Indian team will play Pakistan in a semi-final on April 10.

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