Paris, France – The sun is setting on the French grand final, with the final of the Copa del Rey set to kick off at 4pm (AEDT).

The result will determine the Champions League winners of the 2022-23 season, with Paris still to reach the final with the holders Real Madrid having beaten rivals Barcelona 3-1 in the first leg of the semifinal.

Paris is yet to qualify for the Champions league but its currently only four points off second place.

“There’s no need to rush the start of the final, because we’ll have to wait until the last minute,” said defender Dani Alves, who has started the last four matches.

“We’ve got to be patient and wait for the weather to calm down a bit.”

It’s a beautiful evening but we’ll still have to settle the game with an eye on the final result.

“Paris are in Group A with Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, who each have one point from their group, but are in a different group with Barcelona, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus.

They are all favourites to win their respective group.

The winner of the second leg will face Barcelona in the quarter-finals.

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