It’s a bit early to make a big deal out of Virgo’s new best match feature, but the fact that it’s there is a nice reminder that it does exist.

The app’s new beta is available to the public right now, and its primary purpose is to help you find the best match for you.

You can narrow down your criteria by comparing your preferences and interests to the people you think you’ll end up with, and the Virgo app will then take care of the rest.

The Virgo beta features a few other cool features, like “personalized” recommendations that allow you to narrow down the people and locations that you want to get in touch with in the next few weeks, but it’s the fact of the app that’s really making it stand out.

You’ll need to be logged into your Virgo account to use the new Virgo best matches feature, and you can only match with people who have been in contact with you for at least 30 days.

You’re limited to just two Virgo partners at a time, and Virgo requires you to select someone who’s currently living in your local area (in this case, the New York area).

That said, if you’re looking to get your own best match partner for a month, the Virgos current best match rate is 0.8 percent.

This is about on par with some of the more popular dating apps out there.

It’s possible that Virgo will go on to make even bigger waves in the near future, and that’s a good thing.

It might not be the most popular app on the market right now but there are a lot of people who are looking for something a bit different, and this feature can make it even easier to find the right match.

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