When your wedding band is covered by your insurance, that can be a lifesaver.

In some cases, this coverage could save you money.

We talked to insurance agents to find out which wedding bands are most likely to save you from health insurance premiums.

The Top 3 Reasons You Should Avoid Wedding Band Coverage article 1.

They may not be covered by insurance.

There’s no need to go on a wedding band search to find the best insurance plan.

But when it comes to wedding bands that are not covered by health insurance, you may want to look elsewhere.

Here are the three most common reasons to avoid wedding band coverage.


The bands are too big.

This could be a big deal for some wedding bands.

In most cases, a wedding wedding band size is not considered a big enough health insurance item for most people.

Even though wedding bands may seem small, the size of the band can be crucial to your health insurance coverage.

If you’re over 5 feet (1.8 meters) tall and weigh more than 120 pounds (57 kilograms), a wedding ring can be more than twice as large as a standard size ring.


They are too large for your neck.

When you’re trying to figure out which band to buy, it’s helpful to have some sort of measurement handy.

That way you know which size to go with.

But many wedding bands come with an extra strap, and that extra length can make a big difference in your health coverage.


You’re already covered for the cost of the wedding band.

You can usually buy wedding bands in sizes that fit snugly in your neck and shoulders.

If your band is too big for your health insurer to cover, it may not cover your deductible.

This means you’re still covered for any costs associated with wearing the wedding ring, but it could leave you without coverage for your other health benefits.

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