By Tom Rinaldi –|The NFL has partnered with a new tablet app called Strike anywhere, and it’s a lot of fun.

The app, which was released on April 23, lets you play all 32 regular season NFL games from any tablet or smartphone.

It also lets you watch the game on any screen, and all of your favorite team logos are included.

There are a lot more options available on the app, too.

You can set the app to watch on the night and play on the day, and you can also select to watch live or replay a game.

You also have a couple of modes, including one where you can choose to watch from your TV or your mobile device.

You can play the game with any device, including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Xbox One, PS4, PC, or Xbox 360.

Strike anywhere also lets users stream the game from their device.

In addition to watching the games, you can customize your strike anywhere experience to suit your taste.

You have three main settings to customize your experience: your home screen, the main menu, and your replay section.

The home screen lets you customize your game, and the main section lets you manage your replay.

For example, you might choose to customize the background of your replay by clicking the little icon on the left of the screen, then tapping the Play Replay button.

Here’s how to use Strike anywhere:On the home screen you can select your favorite TV show or movies, then you can click the Play button.

Here you can see the home page of the app.

Once you select your game you can start watching on your TV.

Once the game starts, you’ll be able to scroll through your favorite players, teams, and even your own profile.

Here is how to watch your replay:Once you watch a replay, you have to wait for it to finish, which is done by holding the Replay button down for a second.

Once it’s finished, you’ve selected which team you want to watch and where you want your replay to start.

Once you have selected a game, the app will tell you the time of the game and the score, so you can follow along and make sure you’re ready to start watching the game.

If you like the game, you will also see a replay button at the bottom of the replay screen.

Strike anywhere also has a replay section where you could customize your replay with your favorite player, team, and stadium, as well as your team’s official website.

There’s no free trial, though, so the app is definitely a good way to get started with the NFL, even if it’s free.

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