The new workout calendar app from Apple is already making waves in the fitness world.

But it’s also the latest app to make a splash with a fitness tracking feature.

The app lets you set your workout targets based on your weight, and you can track your progress based on how many sets you do.

If you’re looking to build your workout plan from scratch, this is the app to check out.

You can see a full workout set list at your home screen.

This can be a great place to start, since it lets you see the number of sets you’ve completed.

Apple says the app uses Apple WatchKit to track activity, calories burned, heart rate and sleep levels.

This could be useful if you’re just starting out with your workout routine, or you want to keep track of the calories burned during your workouts.

The app also has a “set tracker” feature that lets you track your current set targets and your goals for the day.

It’s a neat feature that works well with workouts like CrossFit, but if you want a way to track progress without the need for an app, this feature could be worth a look.

This is a good app to get started with if you don’t want to buy an Apple Watch or are interested in a more traditional fitness tracking app.

It can track calories burned and sleep and the number and type of workouts it has, but the app also lets you do an average workout to see how it’s going.

There’s also a fitness dashboard that lets users track their workouts, but it only shows the total calories burned so far and not the number or type of sets completed.

It doesn’t show the heart rate or sleep recorded during the workouts either.

Apple Watch users can use this app to track workouts without the Apple Watch, and the app is available for free on the App Store.

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