CBS News has obtained an exclusive clip of Girls matching outfits and playing around with dolls.

The clip, filmed by a girl group member, was shot last week at a mall in Japan.

It was shot before Girls was even officially announced as the next group to debut in Japan, and the clip is a part of the Girls’ first official video, which debuted on March 2.

In the clip, Girls’ KyoAni is seen chatting with the other girl group members as she puts on a pair of matching clothes.

Kyo Ani says, “It’s been so long since I’ve worn these clothes, so I’m really happy to finally get a chance to do this.

I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t have a favorite pair yet, or if I’m just so happy to be wearing the same pair for so long.

I’ll just have to see!”

In a second clip, Kyo Asahi is shown putting on a matching pair of jeans and a matching shirt.

She says, I feel really happy that I finally have a pair to wear for this special occasion!

We’re all really happy, so it’s really cool to finally be able to wear something special to our special event!

Girls’ Taeyeon is seen putting on the matching pair as well, and says, It feels really great to finally have something special for our special day.

We’re excited about being able to dress up as the group.

It feels so good to be able do something special together.

The girls in the clip also wear matching glasses, which are seen in the background as they walk through the mall.

In the video, the girls have also been photographed wearing matching suits.

The video was shot by a female member of Girls’ group Taeyoon, and was released by the group’s agency, SONAMIX.

It’s not clear what type of clothes the girls were wearing, but the girls are clearly wearing matching outfits.

Girls’ Taee is seen looking at a pair in a fashion store, which is shown on the video.

Girls’ Gisela is also seen wearing matching pants, and is also shown on a fashion show.

The girls were also seen in a group photo, with the caption, “We’re so happy!

We were so excited to meet our fans.”

In the video released by SONAMAIX, Girls say, “So excited.

We were really excited to go out together.”

In the past, Girls have said they want to wear matching outfits for their “big” debut.

Girls will be joining other boy group members for their debut in May.

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