The best Japanese restaurants in the country are worth a look in the new year, and we’ve rounded up 10 of them for you to try out.

The first of these was a Japanese restaurant in a Japanese city called Nara called Ichigaya.

Ichigayashi is an old Japanese name for Nara.

We went to Ichigoya to try their beef ramen which is really amazing.

The ramen comes in a bowl of rice noodles, with beef, pork and vegetables, and is served in a broth with a sweet sauce.

We had a bowl, so it was really good.

We also went to Tokyo’s famous Chiyoda restaurant, which was one of the first Japanese restaurants to be opened in the US.

Chiyodas is a Japanese noodle restaurant, and it’s not only famous for its noodles but also for its sake and sashimi.

It’s one of Tokyo’s best sushi spots.

We had a lovely sashimaya, which is a salad and a lot of rice with fish.

We also had a lot more sake.

The rice is really soft, and you can see a lot about the fish inside the sashime.

The second of these restaurants was at Namba.

This restaurant in Namba is known for its hot and sour soup, which are really good, too.

This soup is really good for people with arthritis.

They are also known for their hot tea.

We really liked this soup and our rice noodles were so delicious.

The third restaurant was in a city called Nagasaki.

Nagasaki is famous for it’s famous kimono style dress and it was famous for having its own traditional soup, but the soup they serve here is so good.

It has so many different kinds of broth, so there are a lot different types of things.

The soup was really tasty.

Our final restaurant was at a sushi bar called Nihon in Tokyo.

We didn’t go there for the sake, but we did go there because it’s a really good sushi restaurant.

They have a lot.

They serve really delicious sushi.

We like to try sushi more often.

We have a list of all the restaurants that we visited in 2017, so if you’re planning to try some Japanese food, you should definitely check out these Japanese food places that are worth checking out in 2017.

If you have a favorite restaurant, let us know in the comments below.

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