Apple’s latest iPhones have been criticised for their lack of screen fit, with users having been unhappy with the device’s lack of room for a phone case.

The new iPhones are also more expensive, which is one of the main reasons for the complaints, but the iPhone 6Plus has been criticised by some users.

There’s a reason why some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 models have been receiving more negative reviews.

The device has a 5.8-inch screen, which doesn’t suit many users, especially those who like their phones a little smaller.

In this case, a user who bought the iPhone 5s has been disappointed by the device.

He says:The 5s’ screen is too big for him.

It is big, but it’s also big.

I don’t really like the look of the screen at all.

It’s very, very big.

It’s bigger than my iPhone 5 and I feel that it’s not really the same screen size as my iPhone 6.

It doesn’t fit into my hands.

He also complains about the lack of storage space on the iPhone.

He writes:I’ve had two phones that have held up well.

I’m not sure about the third.

I’ve had an iPhone 5 which held up pretty well.

The 5s, in my opinion, doesn’t do that.

There are a number of other users who are unhappy with this, with some saying that the 5s is too large for their hands.

They’re also unhappy about the iPhone’s size.

A user who purchased an iPhone 6 on September 21, 2017, says:I would like to see an iPhone that is big enough for me to wear comfortably in the day.

The iPhone 6 is too small for my fingers.

I can’t do the things that I normally do with the phone.

A reader who bought an iPhone 7 on September 25, 2017 says:This iPhone is really big.

It feels big and heavy.

It makes me feel like I am carrying too much.

It can be uncomfortable to hold it in the hands.

It needs a case.

A commenter on another iPhone 6+ review says:It’s not a great screen.

The screen is very bright and it’s very clear, but I’ve been using it with the screen on.

I like the way it’s curved.

But, like I said, the phone doesn’t work for me.

The iPhone 6 screen is actually too small to hold comfortably.

It has a large bezel, which does not fit the iPhone6’s design.

It doesn’t feel comfortable to hold in the hand.

The camera is not sharp or bright.

It looks like a cheap camera, with no flash.

A viewer who purchased a iPhone 6 in February 2018 says:You can use the iPhone with a flash on the back, but not in the front.

It could be better.

The flash makes a big difference.

I would buy an iPhone if I could.

The reviewer also complains that the iPhone lacks a battery, which makes it difficult to charge.

It also complains of the phone’s battery life.

A couple of people have also criticised the device for its lack of sound quality.

The problem with the iPhone is that it doesn’t have a speaker.

If you are in a noisy room or on a public bus or train, the sound will be muffled by the phone and people will hear you, said a reader who purchased the iPhone 7.

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