With a few key players still missing, and the FA Cup semi-final tie at the hands of West Ham United looming, this article will try and find out which team is the most likely to beat the other, based on which players are out of action and how their respective injury rates compare to the rest of the Premier League squad.

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll look at the top six teams in terms of points, which are awarded for each win, draw or loss.

In theory, a team with the same points difference as Arsenal should be able to beat any other, so we’re not looking for the biggest teams to win. 

Instead, we’re looking for teams that have a similar goal difference as either the Gunners or Liverpool to each other.

This gives us the most accurate prediction of which team will win the game and which will lose it.

So, for example, the four most likely teams to defeat each other are Arsenal, Liverpool, Arsenal, West Ham and West Ham. 

Liverpool is a great team to beat, with goals scored in each of their last three games against Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal.

The Gunners and West Brom are also solid teams to beat.

However, if you compare the goals scored by those teams against each other, Liverpool’s goal difference is significantly larger than the average goal difference of the top four. 

As a result, Liverpool are the clear favourite to win this match. 

Arsenal have been struggling to win at Anfield in recent weeks, as they lost their last four matches.

The only victory came on the away goals in the FA cup semi-finals last season, when they beat Everton 1-0. 

They have scored three goals against Liverpool so far this season, which is tied for the fewest of any Premier League team this season. 

West Ham have scored six goals in their last two matches, and scored just two in their opening five league matches. 

However, their last win at the Emirates was a 4-0 victory, against West Bromwich Albion, which was the first of many victories for the Hammers. 

Both teams have played well in the cup, and have been competitive in recent fixtures. 

So, should we be confident in West Ham? 

West Bromwich have won just three of their past five Premier League games.

They lost 3-0 at home to Everton, 4-2 at home against Newcastle United and 5-0 away to Manchester City. 

In terms of goals, West Brom have scored one in their past four Premier League fixtures, and conceded seven in their first five. 

The Hammers have conceded four in their five away Premier League matches, which also ties for the most away goals conceded in any Premier Level league this season (Manchester City have the most in the Premier Division). 

Westham have not won in the last two Premier League meetings, and will be looking for their first win of the season. 

 In terms a goals against ratio, Liverpool have the worst goal differential of any of the teams in the top five, but have only conceded one goal in their four away Premier Division matches.

West Ham have the best goal differential, but West Ham are conceding more goals than Liverpool. 

This gives West Ham the best chances of victory, but the likelihood of victory depends on whether Liverpool are able to win their opening match of the game. 

If Liverpool win their opener, they have a 57% chance of winning. 

For Liverpool to win, they will have to score three or more goals in each game, and must beat Liverpool twice in the remaining five matches of the cup. 

With a win for West Ham, they are the biggest threat to win the FA Cups, and are in a better position to make history. 

Should we be scared of West Brom? 

Liverpool will have their hands full, but it would be hard to say West Brom should be scared either. 

Despite being a Premier League side, Westham have a much easier time against the other Premier League sides. 

Their last league win was at the Hawthorns in May, where they beat West Brom 3-2. 

Even though Liverpool’s last league victory was at Anfield, Westborough has only won three of the five matches against the Reds. 

Of course, Westchester can still win the league, but not necessarily the cup if they do so against West Ham at Anfield. 

 The home team is more likely to win against Liverpool, as West Ham will be without key players, such as Samir Nasri and Kevin Stewart. 

All of Westborough’s players will be available to face Liverpool, but they are unlikely to be able play at full strength due to the injury situation. 

When Liverpool play against Westham, the Hamms will likely start a new set of midfielders, with Danny Rose and Jordon Ibe both unlikely to return, as well as Adnan Januzaj, who has missed the past two games due to injury

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