A new report claims more than 70 families have been targeted by child abuse networks in Australia, including one that was once run by the late Pauline Hanson.

The report, from research firm PJS, says the families targeted have included many of the most powerful figures in Australian politics.

A former Prime Minister and Labor Party leader, Mr Hanson, is a well-known figure among paedophiles.

The firm says its research shows more than half the families it has studied are now “in a state of denial” about the abuse.

“While we can’t confirm this for every individual, we have confirmed that 70 families identified in this report have been in denial about their paedophile networks for years,” PJS’ chief executive, Dr Scott Parnell, said.

The perpetrators of these attacks are largely hidden, and the victims are often left in the dark.””

Many of these families have moved to other parts of Australia, but many are still living with the consequences of what happened.”

The perpetrators of these attacks are largely hidden, and the victims are often left in the dark.

“As well as targeting the vulnerable, these attacks also target the most vulnerable in society, such as those with disabilities and those living in remote and isolated communities.”

PJS found that at least one family was targeted in 2012 when Mr Hanson’s daughter, Fiona, was 14 and the group took a number of her schoolmates under its wing.

The group was convicted of child sex offences in 2012 and was eventually ordered to pay $8 million to victims, but has appealed the decision.

The children had to live in isolation in an isolated residential care facility.

The former Prime minister’s daughter was eventually found guilty of a child sex offence in 2012.

The Parnells also found that Mr Hanson was targeted by other child abuse network groups including the Family and Community Services Council of Australia (FCSA), which Mr Parnll said was one of the oldest and most powerful paedophile organisations in the country.

“As the Parnels noted in their report, the FCSA was also at the centre of a number serious child sex crimes, and its leaders were often at the very centre of child abuse scandals,” Dr Parnoll said.

The FCSA said in a statement to ABC News the report was “not representative of the views of the FCSAC, its members or staff”.

“We have been advised that the information in this piece is not representative of FCSA and its members.

The publication of this information is a personal opinion and not a reflection of FCSSA,” the statement said.

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