Matcha Ice cream maker Kundalis ice cream company has won India’s first-ever Matcha ice creams competition, beating out local rival Loreal in the grand final, according to the company.

The match between Loreal and Kundalis ice cream was the final match to be held in the competition, organised by the India Ice Cream Industry Council (IIEC).

The event was the culmination of a three-year process to select a winning ice cream brand.

Kundalis was the first Indian ice cream to be launched by a foreign company in 2013, when it launched its first product, an ice cream called Matcha.

It quickly became one of the top ice creameries in the country.

Kondalis said the competition was its way of celebrating its 10-year anniversary and its new customers.

The company has also expanded to the UK and the US.

“Our customers love our ice cream.

Our customers love the freshness of our ice creamed with natural ingredients,” Kondalis’ chief executive officer Suresh Sharma said.

“We are excited to bring this matcha to India.”

The IIEC said the first competition, hosted by the Indian Ice Cream Industries Association (IIECA) was a success and the prize money was $1.8 million.

The competition is a test of international taste buds and the results will be shared with other countries.

“In our 10-years of running this competition, we have seen the first win in the name of Matcha, Kundals Ice Cream and Kondali Ice Cream,” IIEC chief executive Vishnu Bhatia said in a statement.

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