Which games are the best online?

Games are a vital part of the modern gaming experience.They provide an addictive, captivating and challenging experience, and they are an integral part of our social lives.However, the games that are best are not always the ones that are the most widely played.To get a handle on this, we decided to take a look at how many games are available […]

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India’s Kundali ice cream maker wins India’s ‘Matcha Ice Cream Challenge’ competition

Matcha Ice cream maker Kundalis ice cream company has won India’s first-ever Matcha ice creams competition, beating out local rival Loreal in the grand final, according to the company.The match between Loreal and Kundalis ice cream was the final match to be held in the competition, organised by the India Ice Cream Industry Council (IIEC).The event was the culmination of […]

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