A $10,000 gift card to the Matching Sister Tattoo Club is one of the perks of being a matchmaker for Target.

But the Matchmaking Sister Tattoos Club doesn’t offer any of those perks.

Instead, the membership gives you the opportunity to join an exclusive club that offers perks that aren’t available to the rest of the Target Matchmaking membership.

Here’s how it works:Target’s Matchmaking Member gives a $10 gift card.

Each member of the club gets $5 for every tattoo they buy from Target, including the one they’re trying to match.

Members also get free tattoos from Target for life.

The Matchmaking Club has an exclusive group of tattooists who offer customized tattooing services and a matchmaking bonus.

They’re not members of Target, though, so they aren’t required to buy a tattoo.

The club even gives members a discount if they match with someone who already owns a tattoo, or if they buy a new tattoo.

Members of the Matchming Sister Tattoors Club are offered free tattooing from Target.

Members of the other club get free tattooed, but they must pay the club membership fee and join to get free service.

Tattooer Paul Lippert says he joined the Matchmating Sister Tattoons Club because he loves tattoos.

He said he and his friends like to share their tattoos with their friends, so the club gives them a chance to get their tattoos matched with a new person.

“I love it because I get to be in a community that is not exclusive,” he said.

“And I get the chance to give my tattoo and it’s not just a tattoo that’s there for me.

I get a new friend to my life that’s got my tattoo, and that’s awesome.”

He’s not alone.

Matchmators are one of three new groups of tattoo artists Target has added to its Matchmaking program in the past year.

It launched the Matchmatch Matching Tattoo and Matchmatchmatch Matchmatch Club in January, and the Matchmark Match Matchmaker Tattoo is in the works.

The Target Matchmaker membership lets you choose from more than a dozen tattoo options, including a large selection of black and gray tattoos, plus black and white tattoos and more.

Each tattoo artist can get personalized service, as well as receive one free tattoo from Target every month.

Target says the tattoo service isn’t available for members of other clubs, like the Matchings Sister Tattons Club, so members of Matchmakers will have to buy the membership in order to receive free tattoos.

The membership includes a $5 membership fee, which covers everything from getting tattoos, to a tattooed member and all the other perks that come with membership.

You’ll also be able to make payments through PayPal.

You can get an instant membership, but Target says you can’t use credit cards for membership, as that’s against the company’s terms of service.

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