A popular supplement that helps athletes lose weight and gain muscle is getting a big boost from a new supplement maker.

Matcha Powder Benefits announced Wednesday it is selling a brand of a supplement called Matcha powder that it says is “designed to enhance performance and optimize athletic performance” for athletes.

The company, which makes the powder, is a subsidiary of Nutri-Tech, which is a biotechnology company that makes supplements including NutriGrain, the company says.

Match a Powder Benefits founder and chief executive officer, Mike C. Bortolotto, told ESPN that the company has been working with NutriTech on the product since last year.

“We’ve had our hands on it for a few years, and they’re really great folks and have done a great job,” Bortoliotto said.

“It’s a really interesting time for nutrition, because the trends are changing, the technology is improving, the pharmaceutical companies are making great progress.”

Bortoliottos company is launching Matcha in three flavors and two sizes, the largest of which is called Match a Powders Premium, which retails for $75.

It comes in two sizes: Match a powder and Match a Powder Plus, which costs $100.

It also comes in a larger Matcha 500 powder that retails at $160.

“This is not a product that just comes in an individual box,” Borts said.

“It’s designed to enhance athletic performance.”

“Match a powder benefits is a leader in the supplement space,” he said.

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