The NBA is in a period of upheaval.

The league’s owners and players are struggling to figure out how to keep the players and owners happy.

But there’s a growing consensus that the players are suffering the most as the NBA’s revenue is shrinking.

The NBA has been struggling for years to maintain its relevance and attract a larger audience than it once had.

It is a difficult situation for both the owners and the players to handle.

The owners have to figure if they can keep players happy while the players have to adjust to a new league.

In order to do so, they are working together on a new salary cap.

The players and the owners are also negotiating the extension of their contracts.

That’s why we’re bringing you a look at some of the top players in the NBA who could be good for your team.

Players that might be a fit in your league Players who might be good in your NBA: Chris Paul, PG, Clippers The Clippers were rumored to be interested in Chris Paul before the season even began, but the team finally agreed to terms with him this past week.

Paul will make $30.4 million this season, which is slightly below his projected salary of $40 million.

However, the Clippers will have a cap of $84 million in 2017-18.

They have already signed a trio of players: Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and Jamal Crawford.

Griffin and Jordan are free agents next season.

Crawford will be a free agent after the season and the Clippers have reportedly asked for a max deal.

However if the Clippers do end up paying Griffin more than they’re asking for, it could make it easier for the Clippers to keep him.

It’s also important to note that the Clippers’ salary cap is only $90 million this year.

Paul is one of the league’s highest-paid players, and it makes sense for him to be part of that.

Paul was a key piece for the Cleveland Cavaliers last season and is averaging a career-high 23.8 points per game.

He’s averaging 6.7 rebounds per game this season.

Paul’s value can be seen in many different ways.

Paul has a reputation for scoring and making plays in the paint, and he’s a great scorer at both ends of the court.

However the Clippers don’t have a lot of perimeter players and their depth is limited.

Paul would be an excellent fit in a system that emphasizes defense, as he can defend the perimeter and play both ends.

Paul could also help the Clippers win games offensively as he’s been a strong finisher.

Paul should also help in the frontcourt with his length and athleticism, as the Clippers are lacking that on the wing.

The Clippers will likely keep the same five starters for the first six games of the season.

The team will likely have to trade some veterans in order to keep Paul around.

It would also be wise for the team to look at adding another guard in order for Paul to play a bigger role.

The most logical move for the Los Angeles Clippers would be to trade Paul to another team, as there is some competition for his services in the market.

However that wouldn’t be easy, as teams will have to give up something in return.

There are a number of teams that would love to have Paul, including the Phoenix Suns, Minnesota Timberwolves, New York Knicks and Sacramento Kings.

If Paul can’t get his deal done in time for the start of the regular season, the Phoenix and Sacramento sides are likely to try to move him in the off-season.

It could also be that the teams want to keep some of their draft picks in case Paul can be moved in the offseason.

Paul played in a career high in points this season with 26.2 points per contest, but it was a lower scoring season than in his rookie year with 24.3 points per.

He also struggled from behind the arc.

The Kings have a very good defense with Rudy Gay and DeMarcus Cousins, and Paul can certainly play that style of defense.

The Phoenix Suns will likely want to add a point guard, which would be a tough move for them to make.

It might be possible to move the veteran for a player such as Derrick Favors, or a point forward such as Gary Harris, as those are two teams with very good scoring defenses.

However both of those players would cost the Suns money, so the Phoenix might be looking for something in the trade market.

There is a chance that the Kings will trade Jamal Crawford or DeAndre Gibson to make room for Paul.

They could also try to keep DeMarcus Cousin, but they are very thin on the wings.

Crawford is the only other player in the entire NBA who averaged more than 13 points per play, so he could make sense.

Crawford might not be a great fit for the Phoenix, but he could help them.

The Brooklyn Nets have an interesting situation at point guard.

They traded Brook Lopez to the Los Angeles Clippers for Jason Kidd and Jeff Teague in the summer of 2018.

However Kidd is no

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