In cricket, the match is a part of the game and the cricket match is one of the major events.

The game is played in England and Australia and, in Australia, there are two kinds of matches: Test matches and Twenty20 matches.

Test matches are played on a Saturday night.

Twenty20 is played on the same day, and matches are usually played in the first day of the week.

There are also various other formats of cricket, including Twenty20 T20, Twenty20 Test, Twenty10 T20 and Twenty10 ODI.

The ICC Cricket World Cup is played between March 6 and May 6 every year.

In England, there is the England Test series and the England and Wales Test Series.

Twenty21 cricket is played from July 1 to the end of July.

The format is usually played on three days, with the two matches on the fourth day.

Twenty10 cricket is a special type of cricket.

Twenty15, Twenty12 and Twenty11 are played in August and September, respectively.

Twenty12 cricket is often played in October.

Twenty14 cricket is also played in September and October.

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