The long and short of it: Elon Musk has the longest tennis game in the world.

Apple co-founder Steve Wazzniak had the most points, but Jobs has the most tennis history, according to

It’s also the longest match of all time.

Read MoreThe story of how Apple got to the top of the list, though, isn’t quite as simple as just ranking the best tennis players of all-time.

The world is full of great athletes and athletes have great careers, but the real magic comes from their sports themselves, and Apple has an incredible track record in bringing that sport to the masses.

In 2012, Apple introduced the first version of the new iPad, and in 2014, the company added an all-new version of Siri, allowing the AI to recognize words and phrases in texts and help users better understand them.

Apple has also released a series of apps for the iPad that provide a variety of different sports-specific apps.

Apple’s tennis app is a prime example of this, which was originally called Tennis IQ.

The app was available only on the iPad Air 2, but it’s available for the iPhone 5s as well.

The app has some serious tennis action, including videos, highlights and videos of players’ matches, and it even includes the current rankings of players.

When the Tennis IQ app launched in 2014 , it offered an “All-Time Tennis Ranking” and included a list of all the players that were in the top 10 of that season.

The top 10 players that year ranked number one, number eight, number nine, number 12, number 13, and number 14.

It’s no surprise that the TennisIQ app ranked the players at the top, given that Apple has had some incredible tennis players in the past.

The Tennis IQ team includes tennis greats such as Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Serena Williams, and the aforementioned Jobs, as well as athletes from other sports, including Olympic gold medalist, Andy Schleck.

There’s also a “Top 10 Players of All Time” section that lists the top players in tennis history.

The tennis players ranked in the “Top 20” section are:Roger Federer (ranked No. 20 in 1970, No. 10 in 1980, No-3 in 1981, No 1 in 1984, No 6 in 1990)Roger Fedrer and his compatriot Andy Murray (No. 20-1) Andy Murray and his companion, Andy Rogers (No 6 in 1981)Roger and Andy Murray were the only tennis players to score more than one Grand Slam singles title (no singles titles were officially claimed until 2004)Andy Murray and Andy Rogers are still the only two tennis players ever to win a Grand Slam doubles title (in 2013)Andy Rogers and his brother-in-law, Roger Fedress (No 4 in 1989)Andy’s career is probably the best-known tennis story in history, and while it doesn’t come close to matching the popularity of Jobs and Wazznik, it’s still a huge accomplishment for the tennis community.

The two have been inseparable since childhood, and now they have a tennis-related app that is also part of the iPhone family.

It might not be the most innovative thing to have, but Apple has a history of being innovative.

There are a lot of things the company does that are cool and different, and they’re all rooted in the passion of the tennis fans that are in the millions.

It may not be a huge step forward for the game of tennis, but there’s no doubt that the app was an incredibly important addition to the iPhone Tennis IQ suite.

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