When the South Korean bitcoin exchange Coinone announced last week it was suspending all cryptocurrency trading because of a bitcoin crash, the fallout was swift and intense.

The bitcoin exchange was forced to shut down the platform on Sunday and exchange operators were forced to suspend withdrawals and exchanges have taken the lead in taking Bitcoin Cash (BCH) deposits.

This article will explore the different ways to purchase BCH in South Korean exchange platforms and how you can get a hold of it, if you are willing to wait for a longer lead time.

For now, the best option is to buy BCH directly from the South Korea-based exchanges.

We are also going to highlight some of the other exchanges that have been taking deposits, which we have highlighted on our previous articles.

In addition, we will be looking at some of Coinone’s other cryptocurrencies.

As always, if there is anything we missed or you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: This article is not a financial advice article, nor does it attempt to give you a definitive answer on whether buying bitcoin will make or break your financial situation.

You should carefully consider the risks involved before you make any decisions.

Investing in cryptocoins is a risk, and as always, you should do your own research.

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