NBA players are not supposed to wear uniforms for games, but it is possible that the league is looking to experiment with something that will allow players to wear different clothing on the court for the same games.

In the past, the NBA has allowed players to swap jerseys for games when their numbers were swapped during the playoffs.

That has not been a standard practice for this season, so this is an interesting development.

The players who are wearing different uniforms in the NBA this season will not wear the same uniforms on the same nights, but the players who wear different uniforms will be wearing the same number of jerseys.

This could mean a change to the game that is not expected.

ESPN’s Chris Haynes broke the news on Twitter, stating that the NBA is looking into allowing players to have a “more varied look” in games.

It’s unknown what exactly this will mean, but I’m told that it will likely be something that is similar to the NBA’s current uniforms.

As for the jerseys, I have no idea what the new uniforms will look like, but my guess is that they will have a different design than the ones the league currently uses.

I’m sure we will get more details on these uniforms soon, so stay tuned.

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