NEW YORK — Newborn twin girls were excited about matching outfits for their new mother, but one girl’s favourite was the matching outfit she wore for her partner.

“I’m not sure how she found out about this outfit,” said the girl, who asked not to be identified.

The other girl was less happy about the outfit.

“She told me it was so cute, and it was really cute and she said, ‘It’s not really for me,'” she said.

The mother-daughter pair were excited to find a matching outfit for their daughter, who was in hospital recovering from breast cancer.

But their favourite was for her dad, who had an old hospital gown for his daughter, and a matching dress for her mother.

“The thing that really gets me about the outfits is when my daughter was wearing the hospital gown, her dad was wearing this suit for her,” the girl said.

“It was so cool, she was so proud of it.”

A matching outfit is a popular way to match people, whether that’s a loved one or a stranger.

And the trend has caught on in a big way with the likes of and other online outfits.

The trend is now so common that the United States has more than 5,000 matching outfits.

For some people, it’s an expression of their love.

“If you have something that’s very specific to you, and your friends and family are saying, ‘This is the best thing ever,’ it’s going to be so much more than just the fact that you’re matched,” said Sara Fauci, a licensed personal trainer in Toronto who works with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

For people who can’t wear matching outfits, Faucom said it can be a way to express their love and confidence.

“You can go and have a meeting, and someone will say, ‘You’re so beautiful.

This is so nice,'” Fauco said.

While many people can’t match with their own relatives, many can.

“In this country, we have so many people who live with this disease, and you can just get to know them,” Faucic said.

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