FourFour Two – New York City has one of the worst housing affordability statistics in the world

New York, NY – New research released by FourFourtwo shows that the city has one the highest housing affordability rates in the country, and is also the only place where the median home price has doubled in the last two years.“It’s a stark contrast from the rest of the country.It’s a sign of a society that’s still very unequal,” said […]

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When the Nike LeBron X is coming back: ‘We’ve never really done anything like this’

The Nike LeBron 1 was released in 2009.Its sole purpose was to be a sneaker, and to be the first NBA shoe that came with the Nike Air Zoom cushioning system.That is, until it was revealed that it was a sneak.The shoe was also revealed to not have a heel.The Nike Air X2 was released that same year.The first sneaker […]

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