How to find a match for a date with your favorite ice cream

Matcha Ice Cream is the best-selling ice cream brand in the world.It was founded in Japan in 1952 and became the first ice cream company to go global in 1995.In 2018, the company was bought by Japanese consumer goods company, SoftBank Group Corp. The company has expanded globally to serve both Asian and Western markets.Here’s how to find the perfect […]

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When I’m gone, I’ll be gone for good

The Australian Government has released a list of things that it says should be done to stop Australians losing their homes and businesses as a result of a property bubble.Key points:The Government says it wants to stop the property bubble from poppingThe Government has identified a list that will be released on ThursdayThe Government is recommending that people and businesses […]

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China says it will stop allowing users to upload videos with more than one match

Bloomberg title Beijing: China will stop restricting uploaders to only one match source Bloomberg article China is banning uploaders from uploading more than five videos to YouTube, the country’s main video-sharing service, and will not allow users to share more than two videos to their accounts.The move comes after the U.S. blocked YouTube in August over allegations it had allowed […]

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