Barcelona’s new Barceloneta-led mobile app has launched in Barcelona.

It’s free to try for three days and the app will be rolled out across the city on Sunday.

The app is a joint effort by Barcelona, FRA, and Fribourg, and it will allow users to track their progress, set goals and set the bar in terms of their fitness and health. 

The app will offer personalized recommendations based on your fitness level, and the Barça team will work with users to make it a personalised experience for them.

The team have already announced plans to make the app more comprehensive and more accessible.

Barcelona’s new mobile app launches in Barcelona on Sunday with a free three-day trial. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

How to get the app: Go to Barcelons website (, tap the “Free trial” button, and sign up. 

What to expect: You’ll be asked to enter your first and last name and your email address when you sign up, and your first date with the app. 

After that, you’ll be prompted to choose a free day to start using the app, and you’ll receive a notification with a link to download the app on the next available day. 

Once you’ve downloaded the app you’ll see the option to add another device to your account.

If you’re already using an iPhone, Android, or Chrome OS phone, you can add another to your Barcelonellas account via the app’s settings menu. 

Who can use the app? 

Anyone with a Barcelones account can use it, and they can sign up to use the program with a password. 

If you’re using a Barça device, you will also need to have a Barca Mobile account in order to access the app (you can sign in with a Facebook or Google account, for example). 

What the app does: The Barça mobile app lets you track your fitness, health and fitness goals.

It also lets you set goals, set fitness goals, and set a bar to your progress. 

You can also share and play with friends and the whole family.

You can set goals to progress to the next level, set a daily fitness goal, and add personalised recommendations based upon your fitness. 

Are there any other features? 

Yes, Barça’s new app includes a number of other features, including a new workout feature, which lets you create your own custom workout routines. 

Is the app free? 

Barcelona has been working on this app for some time, and this is the first time it’s been rolled out to the public.

It’ll be rolled-out in Barcelona and other areas across the country, including Fribours capital, Barcelona. 

This is Barcelona’s first mobile app that’s free. 

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