The American Conservatives are reporting on a bizarre incident involving a cute matching tattoo and a Christian Christmas pjs.

A Christian man from Texas who was wearing a matching Christmas pJS that featured a red and white bunny and a bunny girl in a Santa hat on his arm and a red Santa hat in a Christmas suit was asked by his girlfriend to have a tattoo of a cross over his right forearm.

He replied that he was wearing it as a gift.

But instead of taking it off, he was asked to cut off his tattoo to remove it.

His girlfriend said she wanted it to be a Christmas pendant so she cut off the Christmas cross and put it over her own right arm instead.

The tattoo was taken off and the couple took their wedding vows, the couple told the American Conservative.

“It was very disturbing to see this, especially after my wife said that she wanted to have her wedding in the snow.

It was upsetting to see that this was a religious practice and it was an inappropriate thing to do,” the Christian told the conservative.

The Christian was told by his boyfriend that his wedding would be held in the church next to their house.

“He was told that he had to cut the cross off and then wear a mask.

I think he was upset because he said he was trying to be Christian, but I guess he wasn’t,” he said.

A spokesperson for the couple’s pastor said the couple was not planning to make any more statements about their wedding and that they had no plans to renew the relationship.

The spokesperson also told the AP that the couple has never felt threatened by the tattoo.

But the AP noted that some Christians may have felt threatened after a similar incident in 2016 in which a couple from Pennsylvania refused to take off a cross that had been added to a wedding ring.

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