A Washington man says he has invented a coffee mug that matches any shirt and matches any suit.

The matcha Slim Matcha Slim, available in a wide range of sizes, is a slim-fit mug made from a special blend of matcha and waterproof matches.

It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, such as green, blue, orange, yellow, pink and pink, green and blue.

“I think it’s one of the most important things I’ve ever created,” said John McDaniel, a retired Army colonel who founded the company in 1992 and became its chairman and chief executive in 2000.

“I’m a believer in matching your whole life.

My goal is to match everything.

You’re going to wear one shirt and one suit.

It doesn’t matter.

The way you tie the tie is irrelevant.”

McDaniel, an ex-felon and former Marine Corps sergeant, said he developed the matcha slim with help from a business partner.

He said he bought matcha for about $1.50 per kilogram in the 1970s, and that it has been his passion ever since.

“It was a way to pay my debt to society,” he said.

“What I did with my time was help create this product that has a life of its own.”

McKay, who is also the founder of a nonprofit organization that supports youth and families with autism, has been trying to find a better way to match shirts and suits with each other for a decade.

He first came up with the idea of a matching mug when he was in a mental hospital and he wanted a cup for his mug.

“One day I was walking down the hall to go get a cup of tea and I came across this old man who was sitting on his couch.

He had his tea cup and he was holding it up to the window,” McDaniel said.

“And I asked him, ‘What’s this cup?'”

McDaniel said the man told him that it was the match between his shirt and a suit.

McDaniel then asked his business partner, John B. McDaniel Sr., about the idea.

McKay Sr. told him to start his own company.

The idea to make a matcha mug came after McDaniel saw a match-making program that was offering matcha cups and matching jackets for sale.

The McDaniels found out about Matcha in the 1990s when they visited a Matcha cup company in Washington state and saw that the cup they wanted matched their suit and shirt.

“They were in the middle of a very hot, sweaty match and it was just a crazy match.

We had this huge meeting about it and it took a long time to figure out what to do,” McLeod said.

McLeod said the Matcha Matcha mug was designed to help match people and businesses.

“You’ve got to go beyond just a cup,” McEldowney said.

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