A mom and her daughter are living paycheck to paycheck in a $10,000-a-month apartment.

But it may not be the best option.

NBC News has learned that the family’s situation is “not ideal,” but the couple said they are still committed to keeping the baby, who was born this past May.

“We are looking forward to continuing to work and be a part of this family,” said Brittany Bessette, 30, a registered nurse.

The family has struggled to pay the bills for two years and are paying the mortgage and rent for the new apartment.

The two live on a $2,400-a-$2,500-a month income.

Brittany said her daughter has had to struggle in the past with her mother’s job and her mother-in-law’s family income, both of which make it difficult for the young woman to find a steady job.

The Bessettes are currently working part time but plan to work full-time full-day shifts in the future.

Brittany and her husband, Michael, say they are not seeking government assistance, which is required by law, but the state of Illinois has not provided them with the means to pay for the bills.

“The federal government is not providing us with any money,” Brittany Bressette said.

“So we have to go to the government.”

The couple’s situation stems from a federal mandate that requires states to provide a minimum level of child care for each eligible child.

According to the mandate, states must provide a two-week window for each child to be cared for by their own parent or other caregiver.

Brittany Bessonette said her parents’ income makes it difficult to meet that requirement.

She and her parents say they were forced to take on two jobs to help support their three children.

They also say they’ve been struggling to find child care.

“There is no way we could have done this without having to get this job,” Brittany said.

While working part-time, Brittany said, her husband has taken on additional child care responsibilities.

She said he also has been working at a local bank to help cover his child care expenses.

But even when she does have some child care obligations, she said, the cost is prohibitive.

“I would like to have an income to pay those costs, but we are not going to have the means or resources to do that,” Brittany explained.

“You can only afford to pay half of your child care costs, so the other half you have to pay with a credit card or a bank loan.”

The Bussettes are still working full-timers, though they are now doing part-timings at their day job.

“Our income is good, but not enough to cover all the expenses,” Brittany added.

“If we have another child, I’m not sure we would be able to afford to have another full-timer.”

But the couple, who have two older children of their own, said they have made it work for now.

“This is our life,” Brittany told NBC News.

“It’s not about us, it’s about our family.

We’re going to be here until our child is old enough to care for him or her, which may be another two or three years.”

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