The US, UK and France are the top five countries in the world with the most golfers, according to Golf Digest’s annual survey.

The US had the most players in 2017, followed by Germany and Canada, with Japan, Switzerland and Spain trailing.

But the US ranked as the second-most popular country to play golf in 2016 with 3.4 million players, ahead of Switzerland, which had 1.3 million players.

The top-ranked country in 2017 was Japan with 1.1 million players and followed by the US at 0.9 million.

Here are the best US golf clubs from the top 10 countries according to the annual Golf Digest Golf Rankings survey.1.

US: 1.9 MillionPlayers2.

Germany: 1 million3.

Canada: 0.7 million4.

Japan: 0 million5.

Australia: 0m6.

Spain: 0,000m7.

Spain-based: 0 (Germany’s 0.1m players were a draw)8.

Japan-based : 0.6m9.

Switzerland: 0 Million10. Japan : 0m

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