“Why is my credit score so high?” – Why my credit rating is so high?

Now Playing: What is the worst credit score in America?Now Playing (Video): What is one of the worst cards you could buy?Now Play: The best credit cards for millennials Now Playing “What are the best credit score bonuses?Now Watch: What are the worst Credit Card Payday Loans?Now Listen: What to do when you lose a job, lose your home, lose […]

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How to change the color of your HTC One M8 and HTC One X cases, with HTC One Cases

HTC has launched its own range of smartphone cases, and we’re happy to reveal how to customize them to match your HTC smartphone.In a short video, we show you how to add HTC One cases and HTC Sense 7 to your HTC phone and the HTC One.You can find the full guide in the video above.While the HTC Ones case […]

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