Splatoon is an action-adventure game set in a cartoonish cartoon world.

It has a story that’s pretty much like a real life story, and it’s a fantastic game.

In Splatoon, the players control two different characters: Inklings and Inklings who are both in search of the legendary Splatoon Ball.

The player who has the ball wins the match and earns a new weapon.

The match begins with Inklings playing a role-playing game, which is essentially a game of tag, and Inkling characters are given a special ability.

Splatoon also has a tag mode, where you use your ink to attack other Inklings in the game.

When you play this mode, you get to customize your Inkling character with different abilities.

The game also has multiplayer matches, and Splatoon has a large online mode that can be played with friends and people you’ve played against before.

It also has an online leaderboard and leaderboards for players who have played Splatoon more than once.

There are also some online features in the match app.

The MatchCast gamecast app allows you to play with friends, and the Matchcast app is also able to display a live stream of your match with your friends.

The app has some really neat features that are very useful.

It lets you capture your Splatoon matches, so you can see how the other players are playing the match, and can view how well you did.

It even has some cool features that help you remember your score when you’re on the same team as someone else.

For example, it’ll show you your Splatters rank and what your score was.

If you’re in a match with someone else, it will let you know that person’s match score.

You can also share your scores on social media, like Instagram and Facebook, so your friends can see them too.

Splatfest, which was announced back in August, is the big event that happens at the end of each week in Splatoon.

There’s also a SplatFest Challenge, where the Splat Masters are tasked with completing an event that involves the game, including challenges that you’ve completed in the previous week.

It’s basically a series of challenges that have you trying to earn points by defeating opponents and completing challenges.

If that doesn’t work out, you’ll have to get more points by playing more Splatoon with other players.

The Splatoon SplatMaster is the main Splat Master in Splat Fest, and he’s the one who gives the Splatters his best shot at winning.

Splatters can also go on Splat Battlegrounds, where they compete with other Splatters in Splatters Challenges, which are timed events.

You also get to play in the Splatoon Weekly Challenges, where a week of challenges are unlocked.

There is a Splatoon Daily Challenge, which you can play in Splats.

You get a daily challenge and you can unlock new Splatters every day.

Splats are your way of getting in the pool of Splatters, but you have to be good at the Splats to get in.

I’ve always been a big Splatoon fan.

When I started playing Splatoon back in 2014, I really enjoyed it.

It was really good fun.

I also played the Nintendo 3DS version of Splatoon at one point and loved it.

When Splatoon went into closed beta in January 2017, it was a great experience for me.

I’m very glad that Splatoon goes on to become a huge success.

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