Donald Trump won re-election Tuesday as the 44th president of this country.

The race was decided by 538 votes in the Electoral College, according to unofficial results from the National Association of Secretaries of State.

Trump won with 332 electoral votes to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s 232.

Clinton won the popular vote but did not win the electoral college.

Trump has now won every state but Arizona, and won the White House by a margin of almost three million votes.

He has also won in every congressional district except for the District of Columbia.

Trump had the support of only a fraction of the Republican Party.

Trump won support from just a few of the more than 2 million Republicans who cast ballots in the election.

His margin of victory was smaller than Clinton’s, but it was enough to ensure the White Senate majority.

Democrats have had the better of the Senate in recent years.

But Trump has made the Senate the most contentious chamber of Congress in recent memory, as the chamber’s Republican leadership has made a number of divisive and damaging proposals to the country’s most vulnerable communities, including policies that would end abortion, expand the Medicaid program and eliminate Obamacare’s expansion of coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

Trump also has a reputation for being unpredictable.

Democrats say they are trying to make a case that Trump has shown little willingness to be more patient and more stable as he heads into his final months in office.

He will be in office until the end of his term on January 20, 2020.

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