In the NFL, winning a Superbowl title means winning a championship.

A Superbowl win is defined by the sheer number of games that can be played in a year.

It means having a team with the best record in the league for a year and a half.

It also means winning the Super Bowl.

The last Superbowl champion was the New England Patriots in 2000.

The last Super Bowl winner was the Miami Dolphins in 2002.

Super Bowl LI was played in Miami in 2004.

Since the game was played on the East Coast, there was only one Super Bowl in the past 20 years.

That was the 2012 Super Bowl, which was played at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event on the planet.

It’s the highlight of the year.

There are millions of people watching the game in all 50 states and the U.S. territories.

And if you were to add up all the people who watched the games over the past four years, you’d be up to 3.6 billion people.

There is a very specific way in which this can be viewed: it’s the culmination of a long and arduous journey.

If you don’t have a Superstar in your life, the only way you can win the Superbowl is to win it.

That was the message that was communicated by the NFL to the public during its press conference on Monday to announce the results of its poll.

There were 3.3 billion people who were part of the vote, and the final results are projected to come out on Wednesday.

The Super Bowl will be played at the New York Coliseum in the first quarter of the next Super Bowl and the winner will take home the $1.1 billion that will go to the league.

There were a lot of things to like about the poll.

One of the most interesting things was the fact that the survey wasn’t asking voters if they’d prefer to have one Superbowl winner, and it was just asking if they wanted to have a second winner.

This is how it’s always been.

You have to have two Superbowl champions, right?

The poll was also fairly well received, with most respondents saying they’d be okay with seeing the two champions.

It seems like a reasonable question.

The question itself wasn’t really that complicated.

In a way, it was a lot more interesting than it should have been, given the current state of the game.

The most popular response was, “I would not mind having two Super Bowl champions.”

The other was, saying that it was too soon to have that.

The other one was, I don’t know.

Maybe if I were the NFL commissioner, I would do it.

The poll showed that the overwhelming majority of respondents were opposed to having two teams that are not as good.

The people that said they were OK with having one team that was a little better were the people that voted for Trump and the people voting for Clinton.

In a lot to love about this, and that was the most popular vote, the question wasn’t so complicated that the media couldn’t just ask, “Who’s the favorite to win the game?”

The way to get a better idea of who’s the favorites is to ask, Who is the favorite?

That is the easiest question.

The poll wasn’t asked, “Which team would you rather have?”

It was, What is the best team that could beat whom?

“The best teams that can beat who were asked were the Patriots and the Dolphins.

The Patriots, with the better record, were the clear favorite.

It was the Dolphins, who were just ahead of the Patriots at the time.

The Dolphins were playing at a time when the Patriots were still playing in their old stadium.

And Miami had only won five Super Bowls in the last decade.

They were a good team, but the Dolphins had not been the best.

They had the best offensive line and best defense in the game that year, so they were playing with the edge.

That meant that the Patriots, who had been the favorites to win this game all along, were playing the best teams.

The Patriots won the Super the next year, and they were the team that the poll was asking people to prefer.

The Dolphins were the second team to win a SuperBowl.

The next year the Dolphins won it again.

In 2017, the Patriots won it and the team had the better offensive line, the best defense and the best quarterback.

The next year it was the Jets.

The Jets, who went 5-11 the previous year, went 6-10.

And then the Patriots went 7-9, the most wins in the history of the NFL.

The best team was the Patriots.

The two teams with the worst records were the Dolphins and the Jets, so the Patriots had the edge in both categories.

The two teams the poll said the Patriots would be favored against were the Broncos and the Packers.

The Broncos, with Peyton Manning at quarterback, had the easiest schedule in the

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