A new book by writer and blogger Matching Christmas is a true story of the life and times of a young boy who, by all accounts, was very much like any other.

In the book, Matching Christmas Pjs, the story of his matchmaking career is told through the eyes of a man who had his fair share of ups and downs and a family life that included a very special gift of the matchmaker himself.

While Matching christmases Pjs journey from the humble beginnings of a Christmas matchmaker to the success of his career is a story worth reliving for the rest of us, the author, Rachel Kallman, believes the story has a larger message for all of us.

“It’s the story about what we’re supposed to do and how we’re expected to do it,” Kallmann told Mashable.

“It’s a story about why people are there.

It’s a message that people can relate to and understand.”

According to Kallwoman, Matchings Pjs story began in the summer of 2018 when the family moved to New York.

His father, who is originally from Germany, was an accountant and the family had no money.

Matching and his older brother, Josh, moved in with a friend, and they decided to get a matchmaking service.

Kallman says that Josh was very good at matching people.

He was also very good with his business card, which he always wore with the logo of his favorite matchmaking site.

The matchmaker knew how to set up a great match and would even match you up with a real life person in your own town.

It was perfect.

Kendrick Lamar had been matched up with for a match in New York a few months before the book was published, and the match was set up right there in the hotel room.

In reality, the match is one that happened several years ago.

Kallmans story is the story that Josh and Matching were told by his dad, who, as a child, was not much of a match maker.

“I think I knew him from my family, my brother’s brother,” Kapmans father told Mashables.

“My mom, my mom and my mom’s sister were very good matchmakers, and we got along great.”

The family moved back to Minnesota when Matching was just a baby, but the match still went well.

“He was always so excited to match people,” Kalla said.

“He was so good at it, and he’d be like, ‘I got to be a match-maker.'”

Josh was very picky with who he would match with.

He liked people with big families, like his mother.

But he liked people who were very pickier, like the other family.

“Josh was like a little boy who wanted to play with all his toys,” Kallas said.

It’s no surprise, then, that Josh started working out with his dad and friends after being matched with.

His first job out of college was as a waiter at a fancy restaurant.

“I remember getting there and it was a different world,” Kalls said.

Josh’s first job at a diner was a waiter.

He quickly became a regular.

“The thing about Josh is he’s always in the same place,” Kalson said.

Kallas says that when she first met Josh, she thought that he was going to be something like a regular girl, but then she found out that he’s actually just like, “Hey, my name is Matching.”

“He’s just the coolest kid,” Kallys mother said.

Kalla’s parents, along with other family members, had an affinity for Matching.

The family also knew that Josh would be an expert matchmaker.

So, as his father said to his son, “You’re the reason I got into the business, you know?”

Josh’s matchmaking journey took him to New Hampshire, which was where he first met the family of his parents.

Kalla says that, at first, she wasn’t very happy about the matchmaking company that Josh had started working for, but that she eventually had a lot of respect for it.

“She said, ‘This is great.

We really appreciate the match-making.

I really think that we’re really, really, doing a good job.

And this match-up has just been so awesome for me and my family,'” Kalla recalled.

After a while, Matchers dad, Josh’s brother, came along and helped out.

“We would always go to his place and he would be there all the time,” Kalason said of her dad.

“The next thing you know, I’d be going to his house all the other night.

It really became an everyday thing.

It became an obsession.”

But Kalla’s mother and the rest have their own experiences with Matching,

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