How to find the best boxing match in 401k

A 401k match is a way for someone with less than $100,000 to compete against someone with more.In the 401k, matchmaking is much easier, so matchmakers often give smaller amounts to those with more money.There are many options, so here’s a guide to find out which one is the best.How much should I invest in?Some people will find a 401k […]

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How to help combat sexual harassment in STEM?

More than 100 students at two colleges are asking the Department of Education to establish a national standard for how to respond to sexual harassment complaints.The “Stop Harassment in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STIS) Campaign is a collaborative effort among colleges and universities to combat harassment and violence against women in STEM.We will work together to develop a comprehensive […]

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I was once a matchmaker for a boy’s Christmas and it turns out it was really fun and worth the price of admission

A new book by writer and blogger Matching Christmas is a true story of the life and times of a young boy who, by all accounts, was very much like any other.In the book, Matching Christmas Pjs, the story of his matchmaking career is told through the eyes of a man who had his fair share of ups and downs […]

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